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"Fill It Up With Regular"

It's not that simple. there is variety of materials  currently available to fill that cavity.   Here's a brief summary:


Silver Amalgam





What Is It?

An alloy of silver, mercury, and smaller amounts of tin and copper. ("Amalgam" is the proper term for any alloy of mercury - there's no such thing as "Mercury Amalgam")  Plastic resin reinforced with filler particles of silicon dioxide (glass) or zirconium. Composite is the concrete of filling materials. Gold, platinum, palladium.
Essentially the same as jewelry gold 
Porcelain was the first ceramic material in dentistry. Current ceramics are its much stronger descendants.


Lowest Cost Low cost, white colour Strong, durable.
Suitable for crowns as well as fillings
Strong durable, and white.
Suitable for crowns as well as fillings


Poor Bonding

Mercury content is controversial

Fills the hole, but adds no strength

Expands and contracts, contributing to wear and stress  cracking in large fillings


Fills the hole, but adds only little strength. 

Shrinks, contributing to wear and stress  cracking in large fillings

love it or hate it. 

Higher Cost. 


2 appointments needed

Higher Cost 

Has traditionally taken 2 appointments.
(We recently tried a computer system which makes them in the office, and may purchase one when the system is perfected.)


The cheapest  Slightly more than amalgam. Up to several times that of amalgam  Similar to gold

Strength &


Fair to good with small fillings. Poor with large fillings Barely as good as amalgam; still poor in large fillings  Still unsurpassed: the "Gold Standard" of restorative materials. Lifetime is up to several times that of the cheap filling materials Approaches gold

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