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The recently invented NTI-TSS appliance is showing considerable promise as a treatment and prevention not only for many cases of TMJ  (jaw joint) and muscle pain, but for related tension heachaches - and even for migraine. (The device's inventor was a chronic migraine sufferer who originally devised it for his own treatment.)  The U.S. FDA approved the device as a primary treatment for migraine in 2001.
This small, custom-fitted appliance fits on the front teeth, and stops the clenching that's responsible for the headache or jaw pain. It must be fitted and adjusted by a dentist.

Headache and jaw pain has always been difficult to treat effectively, but dentists who use it report rates of improvement well above alternate treatments like drugs.  Dr. Hendry started offering it in 2002, and so far the results have been gratifying.  It's not a cure, but it promises to be a more effective treatment and prevention for a large proportion  of affected patients.

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