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There are many different options for improving your smile. We can do Hollywood-style "Extreme Makeovers"  - but often a dramatic improvement can be made with relatively simple treatment and at much lower cost.  Choosing the best approach for your  mouth should be planned carefully, typically with computer simulations and laboratory mock-ups before any teeth are touched. 

The first step is often basic tooth whitening. This can itself make a great difference in your appearance, and needs to be done before any porcelain or fillings are placed because those materials don't whiten - the cosmetic work needs to be made to match the already-whitened natural enamel.


White enamel mottling is extremely common. Most or all of it can be easily and permanently removed by acid polishing of the surface enamel stain. It's painless, and inexpensive. Brown spots (below) tend to be a bit more resistant to the process, but can also work well.



Space Closure with Bonding

A single space can often be closed simply with cosmetic resin bonding. Done in a single appointment by bonding ordinary filling material to the teeth, it's painless and can last for years.


Old ceramometal crowns versus newer all-ceramic crowns.

Traditional white crowns were made of metal, with a layer of porcelain outside - much like your bathtub. They are very strong, and still aesthetically acceptable for back teeth, but the metal gives them an opaque look that just isn't lifelike.   The current generation of all-ceramic crowns are metal-free, strong enough for all front teeth and some back ones, and have a natural, translucent look.



Ceramic Veneers

Veneers are like false fingernails for your teeth - strong, thin layers of porcelain ceramic bonded to the front of the teeth. They last for years, and can be ideal for changing the size, shape or colour of one tooth or many.


A Whole New Smile

Sometimes it's more than one or two teeth. A combination of veneers and ceramic crowns has been used to remake these smiles.

Orthodontics (braces)




  Invisible Orthodontics  

Treatment with clear aligners  is often an alternative to metal braces for adults, and can give impressive results:



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