Non-Dental Stuff

Okay - there's more to life than Dentistry.  

This page is devoted to a few non-dental 

items of interest   

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What a great hobby. Some of Dr. Hendry's can be seen here.

Some good online photography learning websites are here and here.


Free Software We Like

Dr. H is always looking for cool free software. 

Here's a list of his favourites.


Snowflake Photographs

Like you've never seen them before






Charming online games for small children.



A Catch-and-release program for books.



What does the earth look from space today?



The Daily Motivator

Quit whining and have a good day today.

Leo's Lyrics


Song Lyrics

Find out the words to that song you never understood.


Car talk.   

It's an Ask-the-Expert radio show for anyone with a car and a sense of humour (or at least a sense of Guy Humour). Aired weekly on the American National Public radio, but also listenable from their website.


How Stuff Works.   

Everything from dental drills to car engines. An endlessly informative site for the technologically curious


The Astronomy Picture of the Day.

It's a beautiful Universe.


Test your own IQ.

A little humbling, but fun.



Great Zooms from Space

Hard to describe, bit cool to watch


A great place to check if that latest Urban Legend is really true or not.


Symantec Virus Hoax Page

Before you warn all your friends about that scary new computer virus that erases your hard drive and leaves the toilet seat up, check here to see if it's real - or just another virus hoax.

A huge resource in information and help for coping with that obstreperous Windows computer.


PC Pitstop

Give your PC a free tuneup, and eliminate some security holes as well.

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